Monday, January 16, 2012

Office Space

The ball is rolling! It's moving slow but has gained momentum this month. My python build of v.0 of the engine is just about as far as I was in Lua before restarting, and I have a music composer and writer on board. Good things. I've also gotten set up with some sweet office space, courtesy of my lovely wife. I'm organized, I'm motivated, and I've got a great start on a platform engine that isn't using a bunch of stuff I don't want to include in a game. Good times.

Office Space: important for getting work done.
Best of all, I've been able to re-arrange my work week to spend a day a week working on game development all day. Almost like a job. Yess! There's enough to do in building a game from scratch that approaching it like a hobby isn't going to work, at least not at producing anything I'll be proud of. I'm taking time out of my week to start approaching game development like it is something I can make money doing. Maybe someday it will be.

Hey Kids! Can you find: Chair, Pillow, Lamp, Desk, Tablet, Machete,
Konoha Headband, Skyrim Banner, and Cat? Have your parents help! 

Game build is at 0.16 - Bob the skeleton jumps bobs and weaves, collides with ground, and even handles running up slopes like a champ. More posts about the game coming soon :)

Oh! Also. Game development! - this is great. I want go there.